Wireless. Poor Signal?

WiFi signal

Wireless routers are a gateway to the outside world, wireless speeds vary depending on your router location. One of many things people question about routers are their wireless speed and coverage.


The location of your router is an important factor, if your wireless router is located next to any other devices such as TVs, kitchen microwaves and even portable landlines, then these other devices can interfere and can cause disruption for your WI-FI signal. To help prevent interference with your wireless signal, follow these simple tips:

  • Place the router at least 1 metre away from cordless phones, speakers and televisions.
  • Ensure your router is in a high position, on top of a shelf for example.
  • If your router is older than 2 years, we would suggest replacing it to a newer technology.

WI-FI routers have different wireless frequencies which are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. A 2.4GHz frequency may suffer more interference because other devices such as cordless phones and other home appliances can interfere by being on the same frequency. A 5GHz router on the other hand can penetrate through thicker walls thus having a slight advantage.

If you are looking to purchase a new router for your home or business then you need to ask yourself how “high end” you want to go. If you want features such as high security, parental controls and USB printing then a more high end router will be needed. If your time on the internet is simply surfing, social media and emailing then a cheaper router will suit you fine, however the “low end” routers do not have such powerful WI-FI.

If you are still experiencing issues with your WI-FI, the problem may be the radio frequency on which your wireless sits. Routers issue wireless signals on set radio frequencies. Such frequencies are shared between devices such as wireless doorbells, cordless phones and also your neighbours router. This conflict of radio frequencies can be resolved by changing the frequency issued by your router (known as channel number) however we would suggest this is a job for experienced technician.

Following the above steps should help improve the WI-FI in your home or business. If you are still experiencing problems, do not hesitate to contact PC Repair Leeds today to book an engineer visit.