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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Email

Microsoft Exchange Emails – This is the gold standard for emails. Whilst it is the most expensive (around £50 per year), it is by far the best. Emails, contacts, schedules and notes are all held in the cloud and synchronised across all devices. There are many advantages in using Microsoft hosted exchange, especially for business.

Synchronisation of your contacts directory across your workforce means all staff have access to the people they need, with new entries automatically added to everyone’s devices and workstations.

You can also benefit from a synchronised, shared calendar, which integrates with your existing CRM or database software, so that there is no longer any need to use separate, time consuming applications to keep everyone informed of just who is where and when.

Moving from your old email address to a new one is very straightforward. Once the new email and domain have been purchased, QLine IT can help you either permanently forward your old account to the new one, or alternatively send an email to all your old contacts informing them of your new address. A professional exchange email address is also easy to add to Outlook, allowing emails to be downloaded and managed on your computer rather than using a less secure webmail portal via your browser.

Exchange’s built-in security measures allow staff to be confident in their communications when off-site and outside your VPN. Kerberos authentication digitally signs and encrypts all sent messages meaning that delivery to anyone, but the intended recipient is virtually impossible.

Business Domains

A website or email address is often the first method a prospective customer will use to contact your business so first impressions can be vital!

Having a unified online presence with a dedicated business domain name is an essential part of making your business look like the professional enterprise it is. With a bespoke domain you will immediately stand above your competitors that use a free email account. (e.g. QLine IT can assist you get a business domain that is perfect for your business which is both simple to use and easily memorable, enabling you to corner the market with ease.

With the introduction of new and more descriptive domain extensions, we can also help you select and acquire the most suitable ones for you, allowing a standard address to become something a little more exciting like .club or .global. Do not worry we will not baffle you with technobabble we will ask you what you want and make it happen.

Transferring an existing domain to our favoured hosts is no problem and strongly advised as they offer award winning 24/7 support, high level security and impressive rates. Even if you’re not that ‘techie’ we are always available to speak to them on your behalf.

Exchange Email Backups

Backing up your Microsoft exchange email is not only best practice for your business to ensure protection from data loss, but also now a legal requirement under GDPR for all business to have adequate email retention policies in place.

Using Microsoft Exchange for your business email takes the headache out of maintaining GDPR compliancy, as backups are incrementally and securely stored automatically.

For smaller businesses that perhaps do not require a full Exchange server, we can assist you in ensuring your POP or IMAP email backups are also fully compliant.

Exchange Encryption – Email Security

Because email has the potential to introduce multiple security risks into your business network the importance of adequate protection cannot be overstated. We highly recommend a combination of Microsoft Server, Exchange and Outlook as a complete email solution because of the numerous advantages they have over the security features of regular email clients. Offering full encryption in transit and at point of rest, an Exchange server maintained by QLine IT means you have the best protection against all major email threats and helps increase email security.

If you have an existing issue with your email system, perhaps you’re suffering from an influx of spam, or have reason to suspect a data breach, we can perform a comprehensive audit across your network to certify its security.

Our filtering system ensures your emails are rigorously scanned for spam and suspicious attachments, with our fully trained staff always available to help authenticate any suspect items you may have received.

We also offer guidance on best practices for email use, which is now of particular relevance due to the recent introduction of GDPR, which means the importance of employee awareness and training regarding email security cannot be overstated. Shared accounts and passwords, non-secured workstations and ignorance to company email policies can all have catastrophic consequences when dealing with online fraud and the latest sophisticated phishing attacks.