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Children's Homes IT Support


Children's Homes IT Support

QLine IT specialises in children’s homes and have extensive knowledge in this sector. Our children’s homes IT solutions are streamlined to ensure compliance with OFSTED and the Scottish Care Inspectorate.

Looking after a Young Person within a children’s home is a massive undertaking and the legislation requires strict training for our Client’s staff and those of QLine IT. We understand the critical importance of protecting a young person’s data. Our services include:

Children's Home IT Support
Hardware Monitoring - Children's Homes IT Support

Hardware Provision

Laptops, mobiles, Wi-Fi adapters, monitors, desktop towers…hardware purchasing is important in any business, particularly within the care environment. Choosing the right hardware for your business is not easy, from specification to daily use to the ability to restrict usage for a Young Person.  Our job is to make purchasing a whole lot easier, ensuring each purchase is cost-effective and has compatibility with other company devices.

Encrypted Emails

More so than in many other industries, ensuring emails are secure and virus-free is a very high priority in children’s homes. Emails may contain very sensitive data relating to a Young Person including medical records or social services reports. Children’s homes need to converse with social workers and local authorities daily. Therefore, encrypted Microsoft emails are the only safe and secure way to send emails. Sending an encrypted email is done easily through Microsoft Outlook.

Children's Homes Encrypted Emails
Childen's Homes Filtered Internet

Internet Filtering

When a Young Person comes to live at a children’s home, there may be court-mandated instructions or as part of their risk assessment files, the need to restrict access to the internet. This can be as simple as blocking Facebook or preventing access to age-inappropriate sites. Can your current IT company limit such access to all or just some of the devices in each home? Click to learn how QLine IT can protect your Young People.

Secure WIFI

Each Young Person requires Internet access specific to their history and their court order. QLine IT has implemented individual WIFI for each Young Person across each children’s home, which is filtered for safety and is personalised with specific requests.

Children's Homes IT Support - WIFI
Mobile Device Monitoring - Children's Homes IT Support

Mobile Phone MDM

A Young Person is not always aware of the dangers of chat rooms, social media sites or even general internet browsing. Using our specialist software, we can monitor mobile phones and tablets, restricting access to the operating system such as “settings”. 

IT Asset Management

We know from experience from some of our Clients, the difficulty in tracking the IT assets in a company. When staff leave, hardware is often passed to a new staff member, or it “disappears”. Every piece of IT hardware within our Client’s infrastructure is monitored in real-time. If a mobile phone or laptop has not been used within a pre-agreed time, QLine IT alerts the Client. If your accountant needs an up-to-date asset inventory, do you have the answer?

Children's Homes IT Asset Management
Children's Homes Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Most companies that run children’s homes have multiple sites. Are your homes linked by any form of IT infrastructure? Are you able to share files between homes, have staff work at different sites, and have internal short code extension numbers for each home? Linking your homes and sites together can make your IT network far more efficient, which in turn allows your staff to be more efficient. QLine IT has implemented many solutions to assist multi-site networking. 


Whilst connecting your sites together with physical infrastructure is exceptionally important, so is connecting company data. Sharing data between homes and head office is critical to the smooth running of your business. Using Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, Azure and Office 365, we can assist in the secure centralisation of all data. From a Young Person’s care files to weekly reports, secure access for each staff member to a centralised location is essential.

Children's Homes SharePoint/Azure Sites

We are the Specialists in Children's Homes for IT Support/Solutions

At QLine IT, we know our onions when it comes to providing IT support to the childcare sector. If you just have 1 children’s home or 100, our solutions will help your business with critical compliance. We enjoy working with childcare providers and finding IT solutions for all challenges presented in this essential industry.

Our solutions are cost-effective and adaptable to your home. Every single one of our staff, (even the cleaners), have enhanced DBS checks.

We have strict policies in place to safeguard your data, with staff receiving regular training on GDPR and data security.

We can work alongside your current IT provider to assist if they are not providing one of the specific services listed above. Alternatively, if you want a complete IT Solution, contact us today.