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Children's Homes Encrypted Email

Send Sensitive Information, Securely

Encrypted emails allow staff in all departments to securely send sensitive documents and information through their email account. This safe and secure way of sending emails provides protection to data about young people, Home Compliance, REG 44 and any other delicate documents a home may produce.

The way email encryption works within the care home sector is that when documents are needed to be sent to social workers or government bodies, the data is delivered seamlessly by one click of a button which requires no training.

Benefits of using Microsoft 365 Email Encryption

Microsoft’s email encryption is simple and easy to use for staff within head office and the care home. The service is attached to the residential care workers staff email and the feature is ready to use within Outlook without using any other 3rd party applications that you must sign up for.

Below are a few key benefits for residential care workers (RCCW) using encrypted emails:

• Email security for compliance and governance
• Prevent identity theft
• Heightens confidentiality for young person information
• Reduces attacks across the organisation

Receiving a Microsoft 365 Encrypted Email

While we have talked about how encryption works from the sender side, we will explain how the care inspector or social workers open the encrypted email.

When the email is sent as encrypted, the file or the contents of the email is placed on a secure Microsoft server. When that encrypted email is received the full message is not initially displayed but instead the receiver will see a message highlighting that they have received a secure message and will be prompted to confirm their identity; commonly by receiving a one-time-passcode to email.

With the growth in number of attacks via intercepting emails and identity fraud, email encryption provides a secure solution to protect documents. In the digital age, care sector organisations are pushing to go paperless, moving to digitalized documents which are are sent by email. The best way to secure this data is to use encryption. Contact QLine IT and we can discuss a solution for your children’s home.