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Children's Homes Secure WIFI

Children's Homes Secure WIFI

Secure and Personalised WIFI gives the management of each children’s home the ability to set up a WIFI profile for each Young Person. In practice, this means greater control and the ability to ensure safe browsing for each of the children in your care.

One of the greatest benefits of providing secure WIFI for Young People is the fact that you do not need to purchase expensive equipment or subscribe to monthly costs.  Filtering is done by pre-configured specific access points that can be updated remotely if and when needed.


Even if you have just one Young Person or several in each home, QLine IT can enable separate, secure WIFI profiles on a per device basis. An example of this would be restricting the browsing ability either on a gaming console or mobile phone. In addition, we can restrict browsing at a set time each day/evening.

Whilst protecting the integrity of the main house router, QLine IT are able to provide dedicated staff access to the secure WIFI network. This allows staff to intervene if necessary and limit or stop a Young Person’s access to the internet. An additional benefit is that other Young People in the home would not be affected by that restriction.

How can Secure WIFI help to safeguard your Children's Home?

Providing your Young People with safe internet access could not be easier with secure WIFI from QLine IT. You do not need expensive equipment or monthly subscriptions; you just need our expertise and experience that has come from many years working in the children’s homes sector.

What are the benefits?
• No expensive hardware equipment needed
• Ability to restrict or turn off internet for each Young Person
• Individual content filtering per Young Person
• Device specific filtering
• Staff control
• Social media profiles

What does it cost?
A small, one-off fee for the hardware needed.

Keeping Young People Safe

Our experience with other children’s home Clients has allowed us to develop simple implementation of individual Young Person’s profiles.  Whilst one Young Person may be permitted to use Facebook, another Young Person in the same home, may not.

No matter the size of your organisation, or no matter how many sites you may have, QLine IT is able to provide you with the solutions to secure your WIFI.  Each site simply needs a piece of hardware to enable us to secure the WIFI.

Ensuring each of your sites has secure WIFI will assist with OFSTED, Scottish Care Inspectorate and employment legislation. Not only will you be protecting your Young People, but also your staff. We understand the challenges of safeguarding Young People from the dangers of the internet!