Data Backup Solutions

Data Backup Solutions

Don’t lose your data with our computer backup solutions

Data backup is critical to prevent loss of your important data. Data is most commonly lost when a computer hard drive fails but other causes are:

The cost of recovery can be in excess of £300 by a specialist data recovery company. Yet, a daily back up of your data can cost as little as 50p per day. So many people do not think about data backup yet every day, we receive calls from students who have lost their exam work, companies that have a corrupted server, or residential Clients who have just deleted all their family photographs.

Whilst there are many on and off-site backup solutions, there is a strong reason to use an off-site solution. Ransomware virus attacks are becoming more frequent and ever more ingenious in their method of attacking your PC. Whether it is a link on a website or an attachment to an email, once your computer is infected, your data is at risk of permanent loss. 

A ransomware virus does as the name suggests. Once it has installed itself, all your picture and document files will be encrypted. A ransom message will then appear requesting payment to unlock the files. Even if you pay the ransom, it is highly unlikely your files will be un-encrypted. There is no solution to this virus. However, if you have an offsite backup solution that offers version history, in the event of infection, your provider can perform a “roll back” and recover your files from before the infection.

Whilst there is an abundance of online computer backup providers, it is really important to ensure a provider offers a variety of important services:

Offsite automatic backup

The most common error with backups is using a non-automatic option. This is when the user manually backups up data, either by using a piece of software or copying the data to an external hard drive. The problem with this method is having to remember to do the backup. The solution is to use a program that will backup your data on a daily, or even hourly basis, and will store this data safely off site.

Off-site backup will give you peace of mind, knowing your data is safely stored outside of your home, can be restored whenever you need and is done automatically.

Costs are around £10.00 per month and will often come with version backups, which means in the event your data compromised, such as in a ransomware attack, you can restore from a clean data version.

Data Centre holding automated backups

Cloud synchronisation software

This option may sound like a mouthful of jargon, but you will know many companies that offer cloud software. Google Drive and Dropbox are just 2 of these companies.

The way cloud synchronisation software works is as the name implies. Data on your computer will be synchronised with a cloud version in real-time. For example, when you save a new Word document to your documents folder or add some photographs from your camera, the data will immediately be synchronised (copied) to the online version. In the event your computer hard drive fails, you simply add the software to your new computer or drive and the data will start downloading automatically.

Typical costs are around £10.00 per month: however, there is an added advantage with cloud sync software compared to standard backup. 

Because data is stored securely on the servers of the software company, and is constantly synchronising, the technology allows you to have the same data on different devices. You can share your data in real time with your tablet, laptop, mobile or even another computer. Many small companies will use this technology rather than expensive server solutions.

Having tested many solutions on the market, QLine IT recommends Dropbox as we have found it simple to use, reliable and the customer service is ok. There are many advantages to Dropbox which you can find here.

Whatever solution you choose, make your decision today. Data is expensive to recover and not always possible. Don’t lose your sensitive or personal data for the sake of £10.00 per month.