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Children's Homes IT Asset Management

Where are your Assets?

Before we talk about assets, what is an asset? In the world of IT, an asset is any dedicated piece of software or hardware. This could be a laptop, desktop or printer. Mobile phone or a tablet. Email address or mobile phone number. Each asset costs your company money to buy and support.

When a company employ’s a new member of staff, there is an immediate cost other than a salary. New laptop, mobile phone, email address etc. These IT assets need to be recorded and monitored for both accountancy audit purposes and for ongoing costs. When a staff member leaves, these assets need re-assigning.

QLine IT has you covered. Using our own tailored software, we monitor each and every asset, per home and as a complete company. We have developed procedures to help your own management update us when staff start or leave. We can then keep our asset records accurate, ensuring accurate charging to you, the Client.

The other side to asset control, looking past the costs of hardware and software, is the security of your data. If a staff member is suspended, do they still need access to their company mobile or to SharePoint files, or email? Simple procedures in place will help resolves these issues.


Benefits of Asset Control

We have spoken above of just some of the benefits of asset control but below is a little more information on the benefits of an effective asset control system.

• Financial Accountability – QLine IT can generate a real-time asset report whenever needed

• Young Person assets – Records of a Young Person’s IT assets can be added to their Care Plan and Risk Assessment

• Ability to re-assign assets – When staff leave, we can re-use the asset, saving costs

• Reduce ongoing support costs – Ensuring subscription assets such as email accounts are controlled

• Control access to company data – Prevent staff leavers from accessing and copying company data on suspension or termination

• Company image control – Remove access to work social media or email accounts to stop disgruntled employee’s from discrediting your company

• End-of-life renewals – QLine IT is able to help you budget on the replacement of hardware as it reaches the end of life


Asset Records for each Children's Home

Unfortunately, the care sector has a high staff turnover. In this modern age, new staff can start and finish their employment quickly, sometimes in a matter of days or weeks. Tracking their IT assets is critical to prevent the company from incurring costs for missing hardware. 

QLine IT uses software to track all assets and look for unusual activity, such as a mobile phone or email being used outside of the UK, or a laptop that has not been in use for a set period. We actively monitor and report on any activity that might compromise the Clients security or incur hardware loss.

If you are, or become a QLine IT Client, we provide asset inventory as part of your contract, without any cost to you. We can report on your IT assets in a way that works with your accountancy needs. By individual children’s homes, by assets and on a company level. We can provide monthly audits of your hardware and software at no additional cost. Do you know the current value of your company’s IT assets? Time to find out!